Expand your brand
Add a custom built charting platform to your product line


Do you want a sleek and simple, or complex and fully loaded. You will be the chief decider in how your charts look, feel and function.


Your charting platform will be named after you. Whatever branding you took to make your classes successful will carry over to your charting platform.


Once your platform is ready for you audience, we will work with you to host it on your site right next to your other products and services.
Increase your revenue
Partnering with Flex Charting is a low cost way to increase your revenue stream.

No risk

Flex Charting has rare expertise in developing stock market charting platforms. Our cloud-based API is pay-as-you-go, so our success is tied to your success.

All Reward

Once your platform is integrated to your site, you will start recieving a portion of the revenue that is generated. Imagine how much your students pay for charting. Now imagine you getting a piece.
Improve your trading
Improve your trading success by streamlining your strategies and techniques.

Narrow Features

Include all of the fureateus you need and none of the features you don't. Your students will see a bump in success as unnecessary features are no longer getting in the way.

Streamlined process

Let the platform do the work for you. Eliminate redundancy and switching between resources to make the process of finding stocks, identifying trades, and executing profitably easier than ever.

Happier students

Students who are more successful will continue using your services and recommend their friends. Partnering with Flex Charting will help with their succes as well as yours.
Regardless of what you trade, Flex Charting can provide the data.

Stocks - Bonds - Options - Futures - FOREX - Mutual Funds - ETFs - Commodities - Derivatives - Crypto Currencies - and more

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